I’m Cathy Cochrane; I teach women, lost in the shifts & changes of life, how to take deep care of themselves, so they might land safely, feeling energized and healthy, on the other side.

I believe that if you give a woman a diet plan, you may improve her health for now. But if you teach a woman to listen to her body, you’ll improve her health for Life.

Throughout this website, I pour all the ingredients necessary for the perfect diet to create health and a nourishing lifestyle from the inside out.

Beyond nutrition facts and smoothie recipes, I will entice you with the benefits of whole food, and the beauty of turning inward as the path to your most healthy self, no matter what’s happening in your life right now. I’ve thrown my fascination with physiology into the blender with my love of metaphor & soul, to bring you nourishment for your whole being.

My desire is for you to nourish yourself Body, Mind and Soul, so that you can not only thrive through the changes, but blossom into a full-colour version of yourself you once knew.

I invite you to share in as much or as little as your appetite craves:

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