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You imagine the possibility.

Yet, now that the divorce has gone through – well, any big life change, really – and all the urgent details have been dealt with, and you look around and think, “What do I do now?

There’s a moment of not knowing what to eat, what to do or how to be. You don’t even know who you are anymore.

It’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable – your body feels (and has been feeling) all wrong.

You’re stuck in the limbo of transition. It’s scary and confusing and uncertain.

You’ve done so much to build a new life in the past months, but all you can do is beat yourself up for the wrong choices you made and the wrong turns you took. You know there’s still a long way to go. I mean, this can’t be it, can it?

You follow enough online wisdom to know you should look after yourself better and fill your own cup, yet you’re perfectly willing to let comfort food and Netflix keep you going.

Until it doesn’t.

Until you wake up one day with a gnawing sense that something’s not right:

  • Your skin’s a mess.
  • Your digestion and period are acting up in ways that aren’t normal.
  • Exhaustion possesses you every afternoon.
  • There’s a heaviness in your body that leaves you in doubt of any hope for the future.

You know deep down that how you’re feeling has as much to do with your internal turmoil as it does with how poorly you’ve been feeding yourself.

There’s more to life and health than just surviving.

It’s time to get back into the driver’s seat!

You think maybe it’s time to nurture yourself better. Maybe the answers are in blogs about healthy food, that the logical place to start feeling better is by eating better. So you dive into that “solution”.

Yet, with such an endless stream of information, you freeze like a tightrope walker over a deep ravine, fearing any step you take could be the wrong one. Who and what can you trust?

Have you ever taken the time to ask your body what you want and need? You might find the answers you’re looking for.

Your body goes beyond your flesh and blood.

Nourishment goes beyond nutrition. It goes beyond the shoulds – the rules we’ve come to believe we must follow to be healthy. What’s good for most, may not necessarily be good for you.

Food is really just a place to start the conversation.

When you connect to what your body is saying in a deep way, when you understand that the language it speaks holds key messages for how to nourish and support yourself, the doors to possibility open wider than any specific food rules ever could.

Imagine the possibility!

Imagine the possibilityImagine, walking through your day relaxed, head held high and shoulders back, feeling like you light up the room with your presence.

Imagine, accepting who you are – dare I say loving who you are  – and trusting yourself to know what you need and want.

Imagine making decisions with confidence and a sense that you’re doing the right thing.

Imagine feeling rested and getting through your day with ease.

Without going into the long details of my own story – you can find them all here – my experience of divorce taught me two things: that I needed to trust my body as the best source of wisdom for my health, and that my strength lies in the loving, support of community, the women in my circle – friends, practitioners and colleagues.


Let me show you how to listen to your body; grant you permission to choose how to care for yourself, in a way that’s right for YOU.

I want you to face life with a renewed sense of ease, hope, energy and motivation.

I want you to know how to nourish yourself fully.

Let’s talk.

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