Better Breakfast Builder

Welcome to the Better Breakfast Builder!

Increase your energy
Manage hunger
Cut cravings
…with one meal!

As I mentioned in this post on the topic, I’d recently taken an online breakfast challenge. It came to my attention at a time when I realised my own morning meal wasn’t cutting it for me:

  • Hungry for lunch at 10.
  • Embarrassing stomach rumbling as I sat with clients.
  • Foggy-brained in the morning.
  • Mid-afternoon slumps and sugar cravings.
  • Moody or short-tempered through the day.

All because of the one meal that sets the stage for your whole day.

In the morning you need a full, colourful, warm, delicious meal.

The Basics
(The Reasoning and Examples are on this PDF)

Make sure that your morning meal includes:

1. At least 25% of your daily caloric intake.

In theory, you haven’t eaten for 12 hours by the time you’re ready for breakfast. (Look at the word: you’re breaking a fast.)

Calories = energy, plain & simple. To function you need enough of them to keep you going. The quality and proportion of those calories is also important.

2. Protein

Even if you’re trying to cut down on animal protein, this is the meal to eat it!

Animal protein is what we call “complete” – including all the amino acids our body needs to make its own protein. Energetically, it’s closer to our own – even beyond the physical, this is the most easily assimilated choice.

Read more about protein here.

3. Complex carbohydrates in whole form.

Note the words complex & whole.

Bonus: they satiate those morning urges for sweet.

Read more about healthy carb choices here.

4. Green vegetables

Leafy greens (also part of our complex carbs) nourish you with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to actually use the protein, fats & glucose. So much tastier (and easier to digest) than a pill.

5. Lacto-fermented food

This is a condiment: spoonful of sauerkraut (or other fermented veg) or a dollop of miso.

6. The meal is warm to be at the right temperature for digestion.

7. Probably the most important ingredient of all: Have fun with this!

Feeling Resistance? Head full of objections?

Go back to the original post and reread what I have to say about the most common ones. If anything else comes up, by all means, email me directly, and I’ll walk you through it!

Now print the Better Breakfast Builder PDF for your fridge and go for it!
(I’ve left room for you to add some yummy ideas of your own.)

After you’ve tried this for a few days, drop by the Whole Health Dinner Party and tell us what’s shifted in your day because of breakfast. Even post a picture to inspire others.

Bon appétit!

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