Clarity for your Body and your Business

I had a great time talking to Adria on the Unforgettable Podcast and breathing new life into some of the clarity that I had gained from working with her.

Speaking about all I learned from her allowed me to embody those insights in a deeper and broader way.

It’s like the difference between learning and teaching: As someone who loves to learn, I will soak up the knowledge and understanding from any class, program, book or teacher like a sponge.

When it comes to having to talk about it – teach it to students or clients or share with an audience of any kind – you have to digest the information in a different way, so that you can assimilate it and put it back together in a way that you can explain and express. It’s about trusting what you’ve been taught and putting legs to the theory of what you’ve learned.

Here are the 2 blog posts I mentioned during the podcast which talk about taking action on what you’ve been feeling as a way of moving forward with your life.

How to Find Hope and Motivation after Divorce

Read this When your Heart is Breaking


Whether you’ve recently gone through a divorce or not, I’m a strong believer in making sure that your body and your being are fully nourished so you have the energy and clarity of mind to get through whatever the day has in store for you.

As someone who listens to the Unforgettable Podcast, you understand that your health, like your business, require a balance of both the masculine and feminine energies. In my writing and work those energies are reflected as practical information and advice around understanding your physiology and how to use food to make it work better, blended with the soulful aspects of what’s happening in your life and how that ties into your health.

Here are the 2 tools that give you a taste of those different sides of my work.

The Better Breakfast Builder is the practical food piece for starting the day with a meal that will help sustain your energy and diminish your cravings through the day. Read this blog post over at The Mogul Mom to learn how breakfast can improve your business.

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How to Listen to your Body: It’s also important to turn inward, get to know who you are inside of that body and engage in a healing conversation; to understand what lights you up, what drags you down, and what might be underneath the things that ail you. Read more about how you can apply this idea over here.

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If you have any questions and thoughts about any of this, about the work I did with Adria, or to get started on your own healing conversation, don’t be shy. You can email me here.



Cathy CochraneCathy Cochrane is a holistic nourishment specialist, teacher, writer and speaker who helps recently divorced women at odds with their bodies to make more aligned choices for their care, so they can nourish this new chapter of life with peace & flow rather than beat themselves up out of fear that what they’re doing is wrong. After seeing far too many women suffering from the impact of such a huge upheaval with irritated digestion, faded energy and no hope for anything better, she is determined to champion their quest for more comfort and ease in their bodies. She believes women should not just survive life’s stresses, but thrive and even blossom into her most colourful & alive self because of them. Cathy has been featured on Real Foods Witch, Mind Body Green, and The Mogul Mom where she wrote one of the top 10 posts for 2015.