Eat More Veggies to Look Good & Feel Better

You eat well, though you could probably lose a few pounds…it’s getting hard to look in the mirror and there’s that flowered dress sitting in your closet that you’re longing to wear again this summer.
Your energy dips every afternoon and you can no longer ignore the candy bowl in the office, let alone fight those sugar cravings after supper. You’re trying to be good, but you’re tired and can’t be bothered to eat better.

If only it could be easy!

It is!

Eating more vegetables is the quickest way to lose weight, increase your vitality and live longer.

Eat more veggies to look good and feel better.


That’s right: eating an adequate variety of vegetables is a key ingredient to help you

  • Lose weight by improving digestion & elimination.
  • Cut sugar cravings and balance blood sugar – no more eating your way through the pantry all evening!
  • Balance hormones – ease perimenopause, cool those hot flashes, reduce the effects of stress on your health
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Reduce your risk for/help you manage diabetes, cancer and heart disease, depression,…

Enter your info under the veggie-filled box at the bottom of this page for some delicious summer fun.


How many vegetables should you eat?

Depends who you talk to.
The FDA and Health Canada say 5-10 servings a day.
Watch the Terry Wahls TEDx talk, and she’ll tell you to eat 9 cups a day.
Some will tell you that vegetables need to fill half your plate at every meal.

The bottom line is that most of us could do with eating more of these plant-based beauties than we do.

Not always easy.

Which is why I’ve created the
15-day Eat More Veggies! Challenge.

Starting on July 9th, I want you to join me in stepping things up a notch with your conscious food choices. Yes, I’ll be doing it right along with you – everyone can use a little boost with this stuff.

Every day, I will send you:

  • Simple steps to help you embrace more veggies into your life
  • Support for changing your habits from the inside out
  • Cheatsheet & playsheet PDFs to guide you every step of the way
  • Live video conversations; mp3s to add to your audio inspiration playlist
  • Online high-5s and accountability

I want this to be easy for you.
I want you to feel good in your body and your life.


Enter your name and email under the veggie-filled box at the bottom of this page and get ready to nourish your body while you feed your sense of adventure.

To whet your appetite, I’ll send you “What to Eat” – a PDF of guidelines to inspire your food choices and get you thinking outside the Nutrition Facts box.


Look Good. Feel Better.

We start JULY 9th 2018!

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