Feeding your Soul

I’ve been going on about deepening your connection to the Divine, acting from your inner truth. I talk about listening to your body as a legitimate path to health.

Do you sense a theme?

Nourishing your body with the right food and lifestyle choices is one aspect of health. So is keeping your mind calm & focused.

Your soul needs just as much care.

We generally place much of our focus on individual goals: your weight, your health, your career. Yet there’s the part of you that remembers you’re part of a whole. A droplet in the ocean.

So, what that part of you craves most is to feel a sense of being in that ocean.


Remember how I was talking, a few weeks back, about anxiety being unused potential seeking a ground? In order to be healthy, your soul (the energetic/electric aspect of you) needs a ground.

Fortunately, we have multiple outlets:

1. To Self

  • Through your body and its rainbow of sensations that inform you about your needs on a minute-to-minute basis.
  • Through your emotions that direct you towards appropriate action. I think Dr. Northrup said it best: “Pay attention to what makes you laugh and what makes you cry” to know which direction you need to go next.
  • Through your dreams – both waking and asleep – that integrate your mind-body-spirit, and give your imagination free-reign to possibility.
  • Through your creativity which allows the energy to flow.

2. To Community

Online groups

Connection to community is a need: a requirement for survival. It’s the mandate of your first (Base) chakra, to give you a sense of security, so you can move freely through your choices.

As a matter of fact, hospitals understand the immune-boosting response within support groups. Even universities are picking up on the benefits of community learning.

Living in community is ingrained in our ancestral roots, as we tended the fires, raised the children and fed the tribe…together. I think of this every time I watch a movie or read a book about a depressed 50s housewife on Valium or suicidal, because she’s been moved to the suburbs with a home full of shiny appliances for company.

I don’t know what I’d have done at times without my sisterhood (which includes some brothers) holding my hand or cheering me on. Whether they agreed with me or not.

3. To Life Partners/Lovers/Soulmates

Whether long-term or short, the intimacy of a love relationship breaks down walls to the softest parts inside. These are the people – I refer to mine as angels – who teach you the power of vulnerability and the wealth in giving.

These are the people who hold up a mirror to your divine beauty and challenge you to rise to the image. In that sense, they engage your connection to self, by inspiring you to expand to your fullest potential.

4. To the Earth

The environment that supports you, that nourishes you, that shares its beauty and its resources with you. Like any relationship, it’s a two-sided conversation.

Whether you chain yourself to a tree to stop a bulldozer or recycle your paper, walk barefoot in the woods or buy & chop your veggies with respect, you’re expressing your gratitude for – firming your roots into – the Earth.

5. To the Divine

Communication. Communion.

In a church, in Nature, in your living room.

Prayer (the asking) and Meditation (the receiving).

And yet, all of the above areas of life are facets of the jewel that is the Divine.

Every song you sing.
Every dream you pursue.
Every conversation you have.
Every time you make love.
Every meal you eat.
…they are all prayers.

They are all expressions of you. Your unique essence, like the fragrance of a flower, expanding into the world to make it more beautiful.

What do you do to nourish your soul, to stay connected? When you share in the comments, you open up possibilities for others.


7 thoughts on “Feeding your Soul

  1. “Every song you sing.
    Every dream you pursue.
    Every conversation you have.
    Every time you make love.
    Every meal you eat.
    …they are all prayers.”

    beautiful, cathy. i nourish my soul through meaningful discussion with my husband, through travel and the experiences/people it brings me, through seeing my two sons pursue their passions, through time spent with a very tight-knit group of female friends, through introspective journaling.

  2. To stay connected and nourish my soul, I make sure that I am looking at my life as a whole. From my family, friends, work, community, service, spirituality, and so on, I make sure that I am not keeping them all divided and compartmentalized. Being mindful of balance and remaining present are also very important for me to remain connected.

  3. I’m single and I live alone, so I struggle a lot with feeling disconnected from my community. Therefore, I make great efforts to stay connected through scheduling regular outings with girlfriends and dog walks with neighbors.

    I also work from home, which leads to waaaayyyyyyy to much alone time. 😉 About six months ago, I joined a local coworking spaces that emphasizes community and collaboration. It’s been a monumental blessing in my life.

    Beautiful post, Cathy. xo

  4. Staying connected to myself, the universe, my family & friends is important to me. One of things I do when I feel unbalanced is to ‘give everyone away each night to the universe’ and welcome whoever shows up the next day. By making space and reducing expectations I actually feel MORE connected.

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