Healthy Holiday Webinar


Does temptation trump your willpower when faced with a dessert table or an open bar?

Do you need to enroll in Abs of Steel Boot Camp come January because you spent December eating your way around the family drama?

Does the thought of yet another party make you want to take a nap?

Christmas 2Next week is American Thanksgiving. Or, the kick-off to 6 weeks of parties, meals, goodies, drinks, travel, family and friends.

How’s a girl to look after her usual needs and still enjoy the festivities to their fullest?

Listen to the webinar I gave in November 2013.

I discussed and gave exercises for

    • the ONE point of focus necessary to keep you caring for your own needs through the holidays
    • 3 ways of giving yourself PERMISSION to be and do what you need to make sure you’re being nourished
    • how to face the TEMPTATION beast, and move past the cupcakes with your name on them, with grace
    • a meditation to GROUND into yourself before facing the big party or your mother-in-law

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