How to Nourish your Body

“I eat healthy and yet I still have health issues.” This is something I hear all the time.

You see, it’s not just about WHAT you’re eating. How you eat and who you are affects your ability to breakdown, absorb, and actually use the nutrients in all the gorgeous food you so conscientiously choose and prepare.

Yes, I’m talking about the digestive system.

Life is a series of relationships – to your loved ones, to your colleagues, to Nature, to the Divine. It’s part of being alive. Often, you neglect the most important relationship of all: YOU!

One way you interact with the world around you is through nutrition and digestion. As the gateway to your body, digestive health has an impact on your entire body and health. Weight, inflammation, perimenopause, hypothyroid and other hormonal imbalances, joint pain, sleep quality,… You get the idea.

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