Meditation for Calming Anxiety

Several of the clients coming through my office lately have presented a common thread of anxiety. Not always the primary reason for their visit, it manifests as stress around pregnancy, inability to move forward with lifestyle changes, poor sleep & heart palpitations, fatigue, as well as full-on panic attacks.

I wrote a blog post outlining the beginnings of my observations, about how anxiety’s an accumulation of unused potential energy.

In my own life, anxiety shows up in asthma attacks and as a frenetic need to control my environment, especially in the face of stressful anticipation. (Most recently, it was while waiting for my father to undergo major surgery.)

When I recently suggested to a friend with anxiety that she ground herself with meditation, she asked how to do that. I recorded an audio to share my favourite technique with her, and with you. Enter your email in the box below for your copy.

I use this grounding tool whenever I feel spinning thoughts getting the better of me, when I need a boost of confidence before a big day (or an important conversation), even to recharge my batteries when I’m feeling drained.

The 10-minute process settles me right back into the safety of my own skin  and reconnects me to Source better than anything else I’ve tried. After 20 years of yoga, weekend meditations, holistic health classes and webinars, it’s a collage of images and techniques that resonated most within my being and that stuck most deeply in my mind.

Listen to this short audio

  • as daily grounding exercise
  • to counter overwhelm, fatigue or fear
  • to stave off a panic attack when you feel it coming
  • as a spiritual practice

Some feedback I’ve already heard from listeners:

I totally loved the meditation! The tree and roots – it felt so calming as I was listening. Afterwards, I felt powerful.

~ Ursula M, Germany

This is great! Your voice is so calming and the descriptions you give really helped me visualize more specifically.

~ Alex H, Canada

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