Spring into Celebrating YOU

Stop fighting the shoulds: celebrate how you are enough!

Some days feel like life is living you, forget about making better choices.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about fed up with this winter that seems to go on forever. Not only the snow, but the routines can get a bit hectic at this time of year, with one season’s activities coming to a close and the new ones starting.

There are days when it feels like your life is living you, not the other way around. As much as you like to be the queen of keeping it all together, the shoulds are piling up to the point that you’re feeling more than a little overwhelmed and your crown is starting to slip.

Of course, the one thing that gets left by the wayside at times like these is taking care of your own needs. Those aches and sleeplessness and wonky periods are making your crankier than usual, and to make matters worse, a few extra pounds snuck up under those winter layers.

Isn’t it time to take charge of yourself again, to remember who you are under that extra sweater; and get back to living your life on purpose?

Isn’t it time you let go of winter’s heaviness and invited the vitality of spring into your body and life?

Here’s a springtime series of rituals, visualisations, explorations and food for thought to put you back in the driver’s seat of your body; reconnect with who you truly are, so you can find ease in your habits and feel at home in your body.

It’s like a basket of garden tools to help you

  • (re)seed the connection to your body…the ONLY health guru you need;
  • clear the weight of winter;
  • unearth the energy and motivation to get you blooming into full colour.

The work we did together taught me how to renew healthy habits and attitudes, to reconnect with my soul, to make conscious choices for food that I love, to accept my body a bit more, to put my focus elsewhere than just on results. I loved the visualisations, little moments of connection that made all the difference to me.    Suzanne S

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I was once asked, “If you had the opportunity to guide, say, Danielle LaPorte and she said, ‘Hey, I’m ready to let go of the winter and all the heaviness that came along with it and birth new life into this world through my gifts.’, how would you guide her?”

I love the spring – the energy of it – the transformation when we go from the grey, salt-stained, muddy remnants of winter to full technicolour. Sometimes it’s warm, sometimes it’s cold…things shift and change until they settle into summer. It may not always be pretty, at times it’s downright smelly, but it’s always magical. When Nature re-awakens into full celebration mode.

And so I would tell her,

“Put on your prettiest dress, gather your best girlfriends and celebrate the wonder and beauty of each one in a feast of pleasure and inspiration, female wisdom and intuition, wine and food and song and dance and love.”

(Listen to the entire conversation here.)

celebrating women

I want to instill that sense of self-celebration into women all around me.

I’m kicking it off with a little series of tools to build the most important relationship in your life.

You’re surrounded by shoulds; by advice to cut out this, that and the other thing because it’s bad for you; or the need to spend so many extra hours spinning because you overdid it on the weekend.

We treat our bodies like machines and let the latest study be our guide to what’s best for us, as if there’s some magic bullet that’ll make us perfect. We tend to look on the outside for solutions – the best food to eat, the best form of exercise. We do things TO our bodies: we slim and tan and tuck and shave and deodorize, always working from the outside in.

But we’re more than just a pretty package. Trying to improve yourself that way is like unrequited love…a one-sided relationship. And then you punish yourself when things don’t work out: the guy dumps you, you gain the weight, you get the disease, you lose the job.

Life is a series of relationships – to your loved ones, to your colleagues, to Nature, to the Divine. It’s part of being alive. Inevitably, you neglect the most important relationship of all: YOU!

As women we (at least I) get caught up in a belief of “not enough”. I’m not healthy enough, fit enough, smart enough, rich enough, sexy enough, I don’t know enough,…

It’s time we celebrated how we are, have, do enough. More than enough.


Self-care and all the ways you nourish yourself (food, sleep, friends, love, meditation & prayer, movement, connecting to Nature,…) pave the path for you to put the best manifestation of yourself forward in body, mind and soul.

It’s my hope and desire to instill even a tiny sense of this need for celebration into the women I meet. I want to celebrate their awesomeness and hold it high for them to see, so that they can explore and discover and celebrate it for themselves.

Years ago, when my first marriage was breaking down and my health issues were gearing up, was some of the most heartbreaking and lonely times of my life. It’s also a time that I refer to as my Golden Years.

This was the first time in my life that I was living from my own values – not having to cater to those of parents or a husband whose values often clashed with mine. So, I explored life: I drew and painted and threw pots; camped with my sons; studied Tarot and chakras; spent money on things I wanted & needed; I cycled as a mode of transportation; reorganized & repainted my house; played around with how & what I was eating; examined my relationship to food, my relationship with me  – I became more present to myself, my sons and my life. I was celebrating who I was and what was important for me. I learned what worked and what didn’t.

You see, celebrating who you are doesn’t have to be a huge party. It’s mindfully staying true to your self, your soul, your intentions in a way that allows you to shine brightly – you in full bloom.

And so I invite you to join me for Spring into Celebrating YOU.

As women in this world expecting so much from us, career and familly wise, we  are not usually aware of the damage all the stress can do to our body until the damage has started. Meeting with you changed my approach to life and to my body.   Christiane K

The basket of guidance includes


3 specific exercises and explorations to

  • (re)connect you with your body;
  • clear the weight of winter;
  • unearth the energy and motivation to get you blooming into full colour.


Each part is an audio or video, no longer than 30 minutes, for you to ponder and discuss, digest and integrate over a week to 10 days (at your own leisure, in your own home) before you move on to the next.

We’ll continue to stay in touch through email and conversations in the Facebook group.

I’m also loving the idea of having a little party in June: a virtual dinner to dive deeper into how you can leverage those tools to draw out the most vibrant manifestation of YOU. A celebration of the celebration! It’s how I honour myself – it’s how I want to honour you as we move into the light and warmth of spring. (Sign up to stay tuned!)

This wisdom (and the practical tools) were created to help ground YOU into a fully nourished body and life. You deserve it.

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Make yourself at home as you come home to yourself. Feel free to invite your friends using these green social share buttons – there’s enough room for everyone!