Summer Special

It’s summer and you want to take full advantage of its pleasures!

The kids are home. You’re focused on getting together with friends, lounging at the beach and hosting BBQs. The only plans are for that road trip out East, camping and definitely a plan for long, lazy afternoons paddling on the lake.

Less time for following rules and wondering what you should eat.

Less time for self-care…though isn’t all of the above self-care?

Even so, there are still a few niggling questions that bother you in quiet moments. The last thing you want is to find time for an appointment and have to deprive yourself of any of the delicious pleasures of summer holidays.

🌸 I want you to enjoy the unbridled joy of these precious months. I also want you to feel good in your body while doing so!

That’s why, for one week only, I’m opening my calendar for you.

Let’s get on the phone for 30 minutes, for you to pick my brain and plant a few seeds for healthy habits. Unfurl without guilt, without worrying how you’ll have to reign yourself in come September.

This is a $75 value, that I’m offering you for $27.

Email me with a choice of 3 times (see the schedule below) and the best number to reach you. I will reply with a PayPal invoice and a confirmation of your time.

Healing starts with a conversation. Let’s talk!

Dates to choose from:
Monday, July 1st, 9 – 10:30 am
Tuesday, July 2nd, 4-6 pm; 7:30-9 pm
Wednesday, July 3rd, 8:30-10 am
Thursday, July 4th, 12:30-3 pm; 8-9 pm
Friday, July 5th, 8:30-10 am