Survive, Thrive, Blossom

Everything’s been such a struggle for ages, wouldn’t it be a relief to feel comfortable in your skin and get through each day with ease?

No matter how conscious or chaotic your uncoupling, and even though you’ve reached the new happily-ever-after stage of your life, you find that something’s still not right.

  • You’re too sluggish to make it through the day
  • Your digestion’s giving you grief
  • You’re feeling fat and your favorite foods have made it to the naughty list
  • Your period’s all over the map

…and you feel like it’s all downhill from here.

Taking control of your health doesn’t have to be a struggle. I’ll show you how it can be not only simple, but easeful.

The magic is in listening to your body!

As far as I’m concerned, hearing your story through the wisdom of your body and knowing how to work with the information it’s giving you is as important as what food you should or shouldn’t eat.

For the last decade, I’ve been teaching women how to listen to their bodies.

I show you how to make the food and lifestyle choices based on who you are and what you need at a given moment, not some popular set of rules. Health is an ever-evolving continuum; what worked for you at 25 won’t necessarily cut it now; what works for your neighbour or Gwyneth might not be right for you.

It’s my job to guide you on a journey of self-discovery: to getting to know yourself in this new chapter of your life and to helping you feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to your health & well-being. I want you to walk away trusting your body to show you the way.

I come from the “Healer heal thyself” school of thought. It’s through my own explorations with health challenges (asthma, allergies, digestive issues and weight) that I developed a much deeper understanding of the theory I had studied. The key being the inner (heart & soul) work that went along with the outer. Teaching holistic nutrition and health through the life cycles broadened my scope even more.

By putting the physiology together with soul work, I have created a comprehensive program for addressing your health issues as you grow into a more fully realized version of yourself in this next chapter of your life.


Survive, Thrive, Blossom

Starting out with a 2-hour Radical Care Session to create the blueprint for your healing journey, we’ll work together for 3 months of step-by-step inspired action and emotional support.


“Cathy’s gentleness and non-judgment as well as her desire to make a difference in my life while getting me from point A to point B.

“The work we did together taught me to renew healthy habits and attitudes, to reconnect me with my soul, to make conscious choices, to accept my body a bit more, to put my focus elsewhere than just on results, to revisit my relationship to food..

“I loved the visualisations, little moments of connection that made all the difference to me.”


Month 1: Survive

You’ll walk me through the details of your health and personal history – where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be. We’ll shed light on the parts of your experience that act as a wake-up call for your health. We’ll prioritize and address the underlying causes of how you’re feeling with food & lifestyle advice and emotional support that fits the whole picture.

Month 2: Thrive

With a blueprint now in place, I continue the support by feeding you ongoing steps to calm your symptoms, as you increasingly understand what works and what doesn’t for your body. We take advantage of our sessions together to work through the resistance and frustrations that show up – and they will show up!

Month 3: Blossom

With the momentum we’ve gained and by tweaking the action based on the shifts you experience, we’ll turn your new habits into routines for you to keep moving forward. We’ll set you up with the easy-to-implement tools you need to maintain this new normal, connected to your body and confidently making decisions that are right for you. Face the life you want with renewed energy and comfort to enjoy it on your own terms.


Our time together includes:

  • 2 1:1 sessions per month, starting with a 2-hour Radical Care Session to get you started on the path to feeling like yourself again (by phone or Skype)
  • Unlimited email support (Mon-Fri)
  • Simple & effective advice about food & lifestyle choices to get you comfortable in your skin
  • Personalized visualizations and other practices to (re)connect you with your body
  • Personalized blend of Bach flower essences for emotional support, as needed

We round it all off with one last session to celebrate how far you’ve come and to set your sights on where you can go from here. Why not feel better than you did before this whole mess started?

I work with a limited number of clients, so that I might offer you my utmost attention and commitment to your success.

Whether in person, by phone, over Skype or through email, I keep whatever happens between us in the strictest of confidence.


“Cathy’s open, real and “doable” approach to health and healing has already started to lessen the physical symptoms I have had since childhood. She not only “Heard” my story but she suggested solutions that I could follow easily, that were practical and didn’t break my budget. I also appreciate her warmth and humour when dealing with sensitive issues. She really treats the “whole” person. I look forward to continuing on this new healthy adventure with her as my compass.”

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Working with me this way is for you if

  • You need in-depth nutritional and lifestyle information as well as the inner work to get through any resistance, frustration and fears you encounter
  • You feel more comfortable having the accountability and security of my being right there by your side every step of the way
  • You prefer information be doled out in baby steps for ease of implementation and sustained support – you’ve been overwhelmed with too many details enough lately, thank you very much
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your self-care

I do not

  • Diagnose any conditions
  • Count calories, grams, servings
  • Plan meals

I expect you to

  • Commit to and engage with your own health and well-being
  • Be fully present to yourself and our time together during the sessions
  • Take responsibility for what you choose to do or not do – my job is to hold the lantern, only you can take the steps along the path

Note: Integrating awareness, making nutritional changes, and altering lifestyle habits take time. Some changes do have an immediate impact, but others need the response of your metabolism & hormones to readjust – a slow, gentle process.

The results, however, will be much deeper and longer lasting than any quick fix.


“The food guidelines were helpful to set me on the right course to address the blood sugar levels, but it was your approach that included emotional as well as spiritual aspects that allowed me to really face the underlying struggles with food (and life).”

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What do you say?

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