How Writing a Blog is Like Packing a Suitcase

Do you ever have a hard time packing for a trip?suitcase

I love travelling. I love exploring new places. I love rediscovering places I’ve been.

But I hate packing.

In May, I went to my first out-of-town conference. I knew absolutely no one besides the host. (OK. I didn’t know him either. I knew of him, from reading one of his books and enjoying a bunch of his blog posts.)

It was a leap of faith to pay the fee and buy a plane ticket. And I was pretty nervous.

Under normal going-on-vacation circumstances, I have a hard time deciding what to pack. (Just ask my husband; he’ll tell you!)  I research the locale. I plan for certain activities. I make lists. I check the forecast.

Yet it’s inevitable that I have to reopen my suitcase at least twice to change a sweater option, rethink the skirt, or add a pair of gloves. It’s not like I’ll be gone for six months. And I can always buy anything that’s missing. Still, I seize up.

So, add to that the prospect of stepping into unknown territory, and packing for this particular trip became a hair-pulling, hours-long extravaganza. What was the problem?

My mind was racing: Would I be too cold? Would I overheat? Would I be overdressed or worse, underdressed?

When I finally got myself organized and settled on the plane, relaxing into the pull of the seatback behind me, it dawned on me: I had no idea who would be there, or what they’d be like. All I wanted was to make a good impression, but all I needed was to be comfortable.

So, I resolved that when it was time to dress for the conference, I’d go with whatever I felt good in. I’d packed some of my nicer outfits, but if I’d feel more at ease in leggings and a t-shirt, so be it.

I had to go with what I was comfortable in.

Now that I’ve started writing blog posts for my “new and improved” website, I’ve resolved to do the same.

I could easily see myself sitting in front of the computer for ages, trying to finesse just the right turn of phrase to catch your interest. Looking for the perfect research point to support what I’m saying. Just to show you how clever I can be; to make a good impression on you.

Instead, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to simply write to you as I am. There’s no pretense about me, and my blog posts will be the same.

Of course I’ll share with you from my tool kit and knowledge base, but more importantly, I’ll share from my heart.

I’ve promised myself that I’ll stick to topics and style I’m comfortable with, because in doing so, I’ll help YOU feel more comfortable hanging out here.

Some posts will be more casual than others.

You may learn something new.

You may find something you’ll want to dive into more deeply.

You may disagree with me.

So be it.

Just like me at the conference, I want you to feel comfortable joining the conversation!

Knowing you feel comfortable in your own skin is a huge goal of my work with clients. I want you to feel completely at ease with your health, your stage of life, your decisions, knowing that you are in tune and present to your needs.

So let’s get talking!

In the comments below: Tell me what’s making you uncomfortable when it comes to your health and well-being. What would be the dream solution? I’d also love to hear any questions you have, or know which topics you’d like me to shed more light on.

Oh, and just before you Leave a Reply, you’ll be happy to hear that I had a great time at the conference. My intuition had once again steered me to the right place at the right time. I walked into a group of strangers, and found myself enfolded into a beautiful community.

I even got a few compliments on my oufits! 😉

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