The Sacred Wedding Feast

Inspired by Judy Chicago, I’ve created a virtual dinner party: One category of my blog will be dedicated to honouring women who I want as a part of my soul community. Each woman at my virtual table has a lesson to teach, even if it’s simply to inspire us with her ability to hold greater aspirations for ourselves than we’d ever thought possible. Each one will be a manifestation of the Goddess, a Wise Woman, a pilgrim on the road of the Sacred Feminine. I want to share the wisdom of these women as part of my community of support.

Recently, I wrote about commitment to your health being tantamount to moving forward with your life. I talked about how your soul had made a commitment to embody for this lifetime.

Being Easter weekend, I want to explore that relationship between body & soul a little more deeply. At a time of year when we revisit the greater impact of the Divine living a fully human existence, when we reconnect to the dual nature of our very existence, Easter celebrations could be considered as a wedding feast between body & soul.

Who better to have as guest of honour at the feast, to set as a shining example to this sacred inner marriage, than the divine Meggan Watterson.

Meggan Watterson

Meggan Watterson is a theologian, modern-day mystic, single NY mom & author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked.

After years of hearing about women in Christianity, Meggan’s body screamed at her, through glaring physical symptoms, to seek the word of women within religious teachings. Her studies lead her on a quest of the Divine Feminine through seminary school, work with unwed mothers, two powerful pilgrimages to the Madonna shrines of Europe, and as the leader of a sacred circle known as the Red Ladies.

Meggan insinuates through her words and work, that while Jesus sits at the right hand of God, there is undoubtedly a female counterpart (dare I say Mary Magdalen) at his left.

It took a crazy case of anxiety and a paralyzing fear of flying to lead Meggan Watterson through the very dark tunnel of fear to the brilliant understanding of her mission: “My one true ministry is Love.”

The Source of that Love, she teaches, is found within each and every one of us. Yes that’s right: in your own body. After centuries of being told by Christianity and other religions to deny the body (especially as a woman), and to seek God “up & out”, Meggan Watterson dares you to dive down and in.

As she puts it, “The body is our sacred chance to be here.” It’s our responsibility as physical vessels to seek the truth of our own well-being and path at the very core of our being. It’s through the flesh that we can most effectively pray and honour the Divine.

Meggan used a meditative writing practice as a way to hear, get to know and trust her deepest inner voice, what she calls her Soul Voice. Realizing this was the source of her strength & wisdom, she made a full commitment to honouring her needs: a sacred marriage to her Self.

The union with her divine soul has become her primary relationship (not discounting union with another). Through this container of commitment, she’s grown as a person, as a mother, as a wise-woman, as a priestess. As a force of embodied Love to be reckoned with.

My Intimate Dinner with Meggan

I had the priviledge of being a part of Meggan’s first online Red Ladies this winter, an experience that reinforced the fact that Soul and its work defies all time & space.

Through 4 months in this circle of brilliant women, I learned that my own inner voice is more prolific than I’d given Her credit. I’m listening to Her with more trust. I learned how fully owning my body can be a profound expression of my divine worth.

I was brought back, again & again, to tangible proof of my own power, strength & wisdom.

The greater trust in my instincts also means enriched, more nourishing sessions with my clients. I feel it. They feel it.

This knowledge gave broader understanding to my explorations of self-care as a spiritual practice.

The deeper connection to my Self, the container of that relationship, holds me safe as I gently explore the possibilities of living in Love over fear. Maybe my fear isn’t a debilitating anxiety, but there are times through the day when I know I’ve made choices to avoid conflict, to please another in spite of my own needs, or to avoid leaving my comfort zone.

It’s all part of that conscious daily choice, and that occasional need to recommit, within any type of marriage.