Celebrating the Mother in You: Action Required


Doesn’t matter the exact nature of a relationship you have with others, we women act as caregivers in so many capacities: children, godchildren, grandchildren, students, clients, husbands, friends,… Even our parents require our care & assistance at a certain point.

We give of ourselves lovingly, completely, unconditionally.

We give body, mind and spirit.

This weekend will be Mother’s Day around the world – a day when everyone we care for is encouraged to honour and cherish us for a change.

As much as I love the school-made gifts & flowers & meals & sappy cards, part of me harbours this niggling knot of annoyance that I don’t get showered with this much attention & appreciation every day. Heck, there are days when any sign of acknowledgment would be nice.

Left unchecked, that annoyance can mutate into resentment if I’m not careful. It can be the leak that drains me to the point of exhaustion. It really serves as a little red flag that reminds me to step back and reassess my motivations.

  • Am I caring for others out of guilt or obligation?
  • Am I catering to unrealistic, outdated, unhealthy expectations?
  • Am I fulfilling a belief that my worth lies in my capacity to give?


  • Am I actually looking after others as an unconditional expression of love?
  • Do I give out of a strong inner desire to be of service?
  • Am I simply spreading the surplus of my own overflowing cup?

And really, that’s the key question: Am I giving from a full cup?

Because, as mothers, as caregivers, the one person we tend to neglect in all that giving is ourselves. While making sure that everyone’s fed, rested and diverted, how many times do you stop and ask yourself if you need a snack? A nap? An hour to sit down with a juicy bodice ripper or the latest episode of Sherlock?

Who rubs your feet?
Hugs you when you’ve had a bad day?
Brings home a California roll just because it’s your favourite?

I can’t tell you how much time I spend trying to convince my clients to cook food that will nourish them, that they’ll enjoy. I have clients who basically come to let out their woes because they can’t let their girlfriends see any weakness.

I spend part of every session on some variation of selling a woman on the idea that she needs, deserves – that her health depends on – letting herself come first.

And so, whether you have children or not, I invite you, urge you, implore you, on Mother’s Day, to do one thing that moves you out of your comfort zone on this front. Ask someone for something that would make you feel {delicious, special, honoured, energized, sexy} good.

Because you deserve it!

Now here’s the Action part: Stop into the comments and tell me what it is you want, and then come back next week to let us all know how you felt having it delivered.

Happy (Mother’s) Caring Woman’s Day!