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Nourish your Body. Feed your Soul. Enrich your Life.


Yet, now that the dust has settled on all the details, you wonder, “Is this it?!?”

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To fully nourish and express the woman you’re meant to be, connect to your body and trust the values, needs and desires she offers as the best wisdom for YOU.

Let me show you how. [Link to Work with Me]

Welcome. My name is Cathy, holistic nourishment specialist.

I help recently divorced women (and women divorced from their lives) who feel like they’re at odds with their bodies, make more aligned choices for their care, so they can nourish their new life with peace & flow rather than beat themselves up out of fear that what they’re doing is wrong.

When you feel divorced from your life, at odds with your body, I guide you to make more aligned choices so you can nourish your new life with ease & flow rather than beat yourself up out of fear that you’re doing it all wrong.]

You know how after you’ve been divorced and all the urgent details have been dealt with, you look around and think, What do I do now?” There’s a moment of not knowing what to eat, what to do or how to be. You don’t even know who you are anymore.

It’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable – you realize your body feels (and has been feeling) all wrong. You know deep down that the screwed up digestion, skin flare-ups and believing you’re fat & ugly have as much to do with your internal turmoil as it does with how poorly you’ve been looking after yourself.

You’ve spent enough time fighting everyone around you to get here. Stop fighting yourself.

Crave what it takes for you to nourish yourself body, mind and soul, so that you can survive these changes and thrive.

It’s not about getting it right or figuring out what you “should” do. It’s about understanding who you are now and finding the ingredients for the recipe that will energize and support you as you settle on this new ground, put down new roots, and blossom into a full-colour version of the self you once knew…or the one you long to become.

Beyond nutrition facts and smoothie recipes, let me entice you with the benefits of whole food as a supplement to the beauty of turning inward on the path to your most healthy self, regardless of what’s happening in your life right now. Throw curiosity about your physiology into the blender with a healthy dose of metaphor & soul, and drink in the nourishment for your whole being.

I believe that if you give a woman a diet plan, you may improve her health for now. Teach her how to listen to her body, and you’ll improve her health for Life.

Indulge in as much or as little as your appetite desires:

Get a taste of my soul-driven approach to nourishment as I share my take on holistic nutrition – practical advice about lifestyle, food and eating, sprinkled with a healthy dose of whimsy. Click the plum button, and enjoy delicious food for thought!

We can get together, just the two of us, and explore how you can best enrich your health and life. Have a Radical Care Session to get to the root of the issue, or work with me through 3 months of growth and sustained support. You’ll walk away with greater understanding about how to find the ease & comfort you’ve been missing in your body, and the tools to keep you moving forward with hope and motivation. Click the blue button to see the full menu.

Talking about where you are is the first step to healing. Let’s have a virtual tea (on me!) for you to express what you’re experiencing and sort out what you need most. Click the brown button to set up a time.

Come to the Whole Health Dinner Party (private community page) for more nourishment, conversation and connection. Click the olive button to leave me your calling card and I’ll send you a little party favour along with instructions for joining us.

Want to kick-start the fastest way to look good and feel better? Join the 15-day Eat More Veggies! Challenge. Click the veggie-filled button to sign up today.

Drop in often: I’ve got lots of great ideas that I’ll be cooking up just for you!

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