What My Clients Are Saying

Here are some of the generous ways clients have responded to my holistic approach:

To honour the confidentiality agreement with my clients, they’re identified only by their initials, and the condition they came to see me about.


The little moments of connection made all the difference.

Cathy was recommended to me by my doctor. At first, I was apprehensive about the prospect of following strict steps, avoiding or increasing certain foods –  things I’d been doing for far too long. Quite the contrary, I learned how to listen to my body rather than my head in choosing things I love and that I want to eat. Besides, the warm welcome, the listening, Cathy’s gentleness and non-judgment, as well as her desire to make a difference in my life while getting me from point A to point B, the whole experience compelled me to return for more.

The work we did together taught me how to renew healthy habits and attitudes, to reconnect with my soul, to make conscious choices for food that I love, to accept my body a bit more, to put my focus elsewhere than just on results, and to revisit my relationship to food by cooking with love and gratitude. I loved the visualisations, little moments of connection that made all the difference to me.

I would recommend Cathy without hesitation, for at each visit, I walked away having grown into myself.
Translated from the French original (below)

Cathy m’a été recommendée par mon médecin. Au tout début, j’appréhendais d’avoir à suivre des étapes strictes, à éviter ou à privilégier certains aliments, choses que je faisais depuis trop longtemps déjà, mais au contraire, j’ai appris à être plus à l’écoute de mon corps que de ma tête, en mangeant des choses que j’aimais et dont j’avais envie. Grâce à son accueil, son écoute, sa douceur, son non-jugement et le désir de faire une différence dans ma vie en m’amenant du point A au point B – j’ai vraiment eu le goût de poursuivre l’expérience avec elle.

Le travail que nous avons fait ensemble m’a aidé à retrouver de saines habitudes alimentaires, à reconnecter avec mon essence, à faire des choix conscients pour des aliments que j’aime, à accepter davantage mon corps, à mettre mon focus ailleurs que sur les résultats, à revoir mon rapport avec la nourriture en cuisinant avec amour et gratitude. J’ai adoré les méditations, ces petits moments de connection qui, pour moi, ont fait une grande différence.

Je recommanderais Cathy sans hésitation car à chaque visite, j’en suis toujours ressortie grandie.

SS – weight and chronic pain

You are a treasure.

Thank you so much for our session, Cathy. It was perfect timing in my life and with my health. I liked the combination of specific advice (supplements and food) in combo with the guided visualizations. Perfect for my style.
My diet improved greatly this week. The supplements you mentioned have helped. And I ate the Dal Shorva soup all week! Loved it! I’m thrilled that lentils are back in my life. 🙂
I am forever grateful for the powerful visualization you customized for me – whenever I find my mind wandering into worry about my condition, I take a moment to go into the visualization – a well as your sound approach to balancing hormones naturally. You are a treasure.
MD – PMS in perimenopause

 Mothers don’t need to be exhausted––it’s not a requirement of the role!

 I have long wanted to consult a naturopath but was daunted by the process of finding someone I could trust. I’m thrilled to have met Cathy, who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also caring and sensitive. Many of us probably tolerate a host of health problems––allergies, intolerances, digestive issues––that we only dimly perceive; I know this was true for me. Cathy’s promotion of mental and physical well-being challenges me to tune into that which isn’t always readily apparent and to practise mindfulness throughout my busy days. As she has reminded me, mothers don’t need to be exhausted––it’s not a requirement of the role! I have three children and work full time, but there are many ways that I can create greater consciousness of well-being, and none of these requires a huge investment of time. What is required is a steady commitment to one’s whole health, and Cathy’s consultations help to bring that into view.
JM – chronic yeast infections

Your approach allowed me to really face the underlying struggles with food.

Since meeting you, I was able to implement small changes that have made a big difference. The food guidelines were helpful to set me on the right course to address the blood sugar levels, but it was your approach that included emotional as well as spiritual aspects that allowed me to really face the underlying struggles with food (and life).
I liked that we were not limited in the direction of the conversation during our sessions. We didn’t just talk about food and nutrition, we addressed other health concerns including emotional well-being.
I now feel equipped with knowledge and tools that hopefully prepare me to meet future challenges.
I would definitely recommend your services to someone who is willing to do the work (and not just measure out ingredients). I fully believe that nutrition is just one component of healthy wellbeing. I appreciate that your approach is holistic and treats the person, not just the body.
Thank you. I feel so blessed to have met you.
CL – weight & blood sugar issues

I’m sorry I didn’t meet with you sooner

I find you very knowledgeable, down-to-earth and generous in sharing helpful information or ideas. In retrospect, I’m sorry I didn’t meet with you sooner, because I feel the things we talked about were really interesting, informative, and your recommendations were beneficial. I think I didn’t meet with you sooner because of my own lack of knowledge of what exactly a naturopath does, and how they can be of help to ME.
I liked that you are non-judgmental in listening, letting the conversation go where it did (which, with me, can be all over the map!), and freely discussing a broad range of topics.  I liked that you gave simple, easy to implement recommendations (in writing, in case I forget!).
In concrete terms, I have lost 3 pounds. Can I say this is attributable to our consultation? I would say “Yes”. I’m not one to “calorie count” but my sense is that I’ve reduced the amount of sugar I’m consuming, simply because I am trying to eat more veggies.
I would definitely recommend you!

BH – sensitivities & belly fat

I was really blown away by yesterday’s appointment!

I didn’t really know what to expect…didn’t expect too much. Then, I was taken by surprise – it was really enlightening for me.
The entire emotional angle of it and it was interesting to start to broach the topic of my terrible relationship with food. I liked the way you analyzed the psychology of eating and was impressed by that.
So, a big thank you!
AB – overweight

Cathy not only “Heard” my story,  she suggested solutions I could follow easily.

Cathy Cochrane’s open, real and “doable” approach to health and healing has already started to lessen the physical symptoms I have had from chronic conditions that have plagued me since childhood. I have tried all the pills, remedies, diets and potions for some 25 years now. Cathy not only “Heard” my story but she suggested solutions that I could follow easily, that were practical and didn’t break my budget. I also appreciate her warmth and humour when dealing with sensitive issues. She really treats the “whole” person; body, mind, spirit and emotions. I look forward to continuing on this new healthy adventure with her as my compass. Thank you Cathy.
FS – IBS & fibroids

It was like a big sigh of relief.

The information you gave me about what herbs are safe and appropriate was huge. The reassurance I got from you during the visit was fantastic. With everything so new and uncertain, the extra support was great. After I left, it was like a big sigh of relief – ok, I feel more certain now.
MB – newly pregnant

I’d recommend you to anyone.

You really took the time to ask questions and really try to figure out what was going on and what improvements could be made to help with my thyroid. It was really helpful and I felt taken care of which is rare for a mother, as you know. I’m so glad I came to see you; I’d recommend you to anyone.
JW – hypothyroid