Whole Health Manifesto

aka What my work and life have taught me

A big part of healing is in the conversation: We all need to be held and heard and witnessed in how we’re feeling/what we’re experiencing. In expressing (rather than holding in tightly) we are releasing, letting go of that which we no longer need, which no longer serves.

Women need to talk. Women need to share. It’s all well and good to process all that self-exploration in your journal, in your head, in your heart. It’s only when you open you heart and your mouth (or your keyboard) and share your insights that you fully embody them.

Hearing a woman’s story, is the way to shed light on the through lines, the metaphors, the images that are really just messages from her soul. Among the shadows, we discover the root of the issues and the seeds for her healing.

Conversation is the food that nourishes a woman’s heart and soul. Women need to be seen & heard, acknowledged & celebrated.

A woman is only as strong as her connection to herself, her tribe, her community, Nature and the Divine. These are the roots that keep her grounded into life and from which she can unfurl and blossom to her fullest.

It takes a village of sisters to raise a healthy woman.


You gain a certain level of knowledge through thought and internal integration, yet as soon as you try to teach it or explain it to another, you need to digest it more thoroughly, assimilate its meaning more fully until your understanding stretches wider, digs deeper and climbs higher than if you would have kept it to yourself.


The magic of a holistic approach to health is all the inner work that goes along with the facts: the energetic aspects of whole food, the chakras, the intuitive and all that juicy stuff stewing under the surface.


Synchronicity is a real thing. It’s not a coincidence that you’ve heard the same random word 3 times this week. It’s not a fluke that you came across the post that got you signed up for the event where you met the person you needed to work with.

Synchronicity is the Universe’s Google map that points you to the quickest path to your dreams.

Synchronicity is proof that someone is listening. It’s magic in action.


The picture of health is an ever-evolving, shifting, changing expanding continuum. What you considered healthy in your 20s isn’t going to jive with how you feel healthy in your 40s. Your 80s will be another story altogether.


Listening to your body goes much deeper than noticing if gluten gives you cramps or cookies make you sleepy. Listening to your body means having a conversation with your soul.

Sensations and symptoms are the language of your soul, speaking through the filter of your body.

Metaphor and imagery are offerings of the soul you can interpret with your mind.