Book an Initial Conversation

Allow me to guide you along one small path of your healing journey, so that you might find ease in your habits and understand how to meet your body’s needs in a way that works for you.

Some changes will have an immediate impact; others take time – a slow, gentle process. The results, however, will be much deeper and longer lasting than any quick fix.

Healing starts with a conversation. Let’s talk.

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Are you local to Ottawa?

We can meet in person at the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre; call them to book a meet & greet or your first appointment, (613) 798-1000


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Otherwise, please fill out the form to get the ball rolling for your {free} 30-minute conversation.

The questions in this form are meant to give me some background, get to know you a bit before we chat. They’re intended to help you get clear about how I can best support and guide you.

They’re also meant to gauge your level of engagement. I find that women who are unwilling to answer these types of questions aren’t yet ready to take an active part in changing their habits or their issues. By sending me this form, you’re saying “Yes!” – at a surpisingly deep level – to your own care and healing.

This will only take a few minutes, then I’ll be in touch (by email) to set up a time for our chat. It will be my pleasure to get on the phone or Skype and spend a half hour getting you started on the path to vibrant health!

Towards the end of our session, I will share with you the different options for how you might want to move forward with my help.