Stop Reading my Blog! Listen to your Body instead.

I mean it.

If you’re coming here for the nothing but facts. If you’ve been Googling your issue for hours and want just one more opinion rather than listening to your body. If you need to add one more layer to the house of cards of conflicting information you’ve already built, then stop right here.

I’m fed up with women coming to me with a laundry list of products they’ve found online, wanting me to figure out how to fit them all into their day. I get annoyed when they’ve come armed with the potential downside to every possible solution I might offer. It makes my skin crawl to hear a woman tell me how she’s blindly following her doctor’s (or her naturopath’s or Dr. Oz’s) advice with no understanding of what it’s doing for her, or to her.

But I get it.

I’ve felt absolutely frozen with indecision after doing similar research, like a tightrope walker over a ravine, fearing any step I make could be the wrong one. I’ve wanted someone to just come along and tell me what to do.

Listen to your body instead.This isn’t all about health either. Even buying a car or a decent pair of hiking boots can snowball into an overwhelming task in light of too many facts.

The mind-boggling amount of knowledge you can learn online has made self-education incredibly accessible to anyone with computer access. It can turn into a bad case of google-itis. The beauty of so much knowledge comes into play when you use it for your empowerment. The web somehow nourishes your sense of safety while giving you the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Fact of the matter is, it’s still your decision. Beyond all the textbooks and averages and generalisations – some of which you may fall into, for sure – you are an individual person, with quirks, anomalies, opinions and feelings of your own.


When was the last time, however, that you checked in with the one expert who matters most? YOU.

YOU need to be comfortable with your choice.

YOU need to be the one who feels it’s the best solution for you. The decision has to come from the inside.

In the end, you’re the one who has to live with the decision: you’re the one who must take the medication, pop 12 supplements throughout the day, drive the car or wear the shoes.

The credo on my homepage states,

“Give a woman a diet, you may improve her body for now. Teach a woman to listen to her body, you’ll improve her health for life.”


Tea wisdom

Wisdom from my cup of tea: “When we practice listening we become intuitive.”

Here’s the secret to how to listen to your body.

As part of a series called Spring into Celebrating YOU, the first step is all about building a relationship with yourself. Like you would when getting to know a new man or the funky lady next door, or the woman who just joined your networking group, you sit down and have a conversation, only this time, it’s with your body.

As much as I tout the benefits of listening to your body, it’s not something that was innate or immediately obvious to me.

I’m the first one to admit that I spend far too much time in my head, letting the stressful tailspin of thoughts get the better of me. I still call on my homeopath to talk me off the ledge of anxiety with a dose of objectivity. I still lie on my acupressurist’s table and let her ask my body the questions I avoid.

More and more, I remember that the answer is right here with me. All I have to do is ask and listen to my body for the answers.

This is all part of my campaign to get you more fully engaged with who you are, celebrate you, so you can get back to feeling at home in yourself.

I want to make this easy for you.

Included in the series is an audio to walk you through the basics of tuning into your body and hearing the advice of your personal health coach. (Find all the details about the series here.)

With this one true ally on your side, you’ll never have to get lost in a forest of too much information again.

Tell us your experience of something you’ve learned when you listened deeply to yourself. Or that time you kicked yourself for not heeding your inner wisdom. When you share in the comments, you open the possibilities for others.

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10 thoughts on “Stop Reading my Blog! Listen to your Body instead.

  1. about 10 years ago, after blindly following doctors’ orders for my gynecological health, i took matters into my own hands. since then, i do so for my entire well-being. i carefully research and experiment and modify as needed. most importantly, i LISTEN to my body.

    • Well done, April. Yes, we need the expert advice and guidance, but ultimately we are the ones who need to make the choice and commit to the outcome.

  2. Loved the intrigue and surprise of your post! You are spot on. Listening, tuning inward, I so agree that we, each of us, has the answers already in us, just covered up with webmd, googlitis, information overload and driven to distraction internet.

    Recently, I started waking up with upper back pain. I kept ignoring it, thinking it will go away. But it persisted for days. Finally I did a brief meditation asking myself, what did I need to know about this back pain. The answer…I’ve been working too long, I mean hours fly by, in my bed, propped with my pillow behind my back, hunched over my laptop blogging, social mediaizing….and not moving for hours other than my digits flying across the keypad.

    I started hanging from a chin up bar, every time I get up for a cup of tea, to get food, etc., and I started some standing Y’s, some slow squats. Within a day of these short, but mindful and consistent interruptive movements…all the back pain gone!

    Great post!

  3. Wow. What powerful TRUTH here!

    I’ve definitely been in the overwhelmed camp before. It’s easy to find ourselves there, especially in this day in age when we are bombarded with contrary opinions and advice up the wazoo on the Internet.

    I had a health wake-up call a few weeks ago, and I’ve really been trying to tune into what MY body NEEDS to heal, rather than the consensus of the peanut gallery. 😀

  4. Hi Cathy,
    Listen to your body – oh such a beautiful reminder. Our bodies do not lie – it is our truth for the here and now.

    And the answers are within. mmmmm – just lovely and so true.
    great post xx

  5. Cathy, thank you for this! There are some many fads/gimmicks/nonsensical approaches to ‘improved health’ that we are misdirected to look outside of ourselves.

    I fall into the trap sometimes of paying attention to something that intuitively makes no sense…then I try to find my center again…phew!

  6. I really appreciate the reminder to listen to our bodies. The amount of information we have at our fingertips is overwhelming, so we try to take it all in, instead of slowing down and being in tune with ourselves. I agree that we have to be comfortable with our own decisions!

  7. Nutri-confusion, yes, I can happily say I’m over that now. I could so relate to the “laundry list of products” you mentioned here. I once had a client walk through my door with a shopping bag full of supplements she and her husband had purchased on a cruise ship. That became a catalyst for a new mantra: “Don’t Purchase Your Supplements on a Cruise Ship.” We had a few laughs over that, my client and me. Here’s to continued trust in our own wisdom and responsive guides at our side.

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